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outdoor antenna positioner...this is exactly what ours looked like. When I was real little, I loved to turn it and then run outside to watch the antenna turn

from Crystal Wind™

Grounding Techniques for Empaths

For Empaths and Sensitives, in these trying times, it is a challenge to stay grounded as we are constantly being bombarded with a real mix of negative, external emotions. Even if we stay home and don’t venture out of our personal sanctuaries, our empathic antennas are picking up so much of the pain from the outside world. Because of this we can easily become consumed with depression, listlessness and apathy and lose sight of what our roles here are to do.


AT&T plans to offer super-fast internet using power lines - CNET Enlarge Image AT&Ts Project AirGig would attach antennas onto power lines to send data signals around the wires instead of through them. Courtesy of AT&T Internet access could soon be synonymous with electricity in AT&Ts latest project. The Dallas telecom giant revealed Project AirGig on Tuesday which hopes to deliver low-cost…