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Due to vague symptoms, ovarian cancer often goes undiagnosed until the later stages when prognosis is poor. If caught early before the cancer has spread, the 5 year survival rate of ovarian cancer is over 90%. Do you know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer? Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms consistently for longer than 2 weeks. Today is ‪#‎WorldOvarianCancerDay‬ – help us save lives and share this with the women in your life! ‪#‎WOCD‬

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Inside researchers discovered four deformed teeth and a piece of bone that had grown within it. Two of the teeth are still attached to the wall of the tumor itself. This is the first time an example of this type of tumor, known today as an ovarian teratoma, has been found from the ancient world.

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Calcified teratoma found in pelvis of Roman woman. Archaeologists working in the necropolis in Spain have found the 1,600-year-old remains of a Roman woman with a calcified tumor in her pelvis. The tumors come from germ cells, which form human eggs and can create hair, teeth and bone, among other structures. There are some really good pictures of the actual tumor on this website.

from Live Science

Archaeologists have found the 1,600-year-old skeleton of a Roman woman who had an ovarian teratoma, the first to be recorded in the ancient world. Such benign tumors originate from germ cells, which normally become human eggs and so can form other body parts. This particular tumor had calcified in her pelvis and contained bone and four deformed teeth.


WK 4 L 2 DERMOID OR CYSTIC TERATOMA WITH "TIP OF THE ICEBURG SIGN" Mature (cystic) ovarian teratoma | Radiology Reference Article |