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Lloyd, Charles Augustus, d 1930. Lloyd, Charles A fl 1880s-1912 (Photographer) : Maori wood carving of the goddess Hine-nui-te-po, and Maui. Original photographic prints and postcards from file print collection, Box 14. Ref: PAColl-6585-10. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

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mediclopedia: “Ovarian Teratoma with Teeth Ovarian teratomas include mature cystic teratomas (dermoid cysts), immature teratomas, and monodermal teratomas (eg, struma ovarii, carcinoid tumors, neural tumors). Most mature cystic teratomas can be...

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Japanese surgeons have pulled a mass of hair, bone, and a tiny, malformed brain, from a teenager’s ovary. What started as a fairly routine operation resulted in a 10-centimeter ‘monster’ being pulled from the teenager’s abdomen, according to a paper recently published in Neuropathology. While performing a run-of-the-mill appendectomy on a 16-year-old female patient, the Japanese surgeons discovered a tumor growing on one of her ovaries. What they found inside was pure nightmare fuel – hair…

Ovarian Cancer Awareness ~ I DO NOT LIKE CANCER HERE OR THERE I DO NOT LIKE CANCER ANYWHERE ! # teals the deal foundation

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I'm happy to hear that you are significantly less cancer-y than you were previously.

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69 Motivational Quotes that will Charge You Up

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Toothy Tumor Found in 1,600-Year-Old Roman Corpse

Archaeologists have found the 1,600-year-old skeleton of a Roman woman who had an ovarian teratoma, the first to be recorded in the ancient world. Such benign tumors originate from germ cells, which normally become human eggs and so can form other body parts. This particular tumor had calcified in her pelvis and contained bone and four deformed teeth.

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Toothy Tumor Found in 1,600-Year-Old Roman Corpse

In a necropolis in Spain, archaeologists have found the remains of a Roman woman who died in her 30s with a calcified tumor in her pelvis, a bone and four deformed teeth embedded within it.

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