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Over the Garden Wall❤ Adelaide Parade: Ohh, we're goin' to the pasture to meet Adelaide and ask 'er If she has a way to send us back where we came from I don't know who she is, Or how she is Or when or why she is, But as for where she is She is where we will go To Adelaide, to Adelaide Come on and join the Adelaide parade Adelaide, to Adelaide We're going to Adelaide's house today

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Come to Cosplay and Totally Enjoy it

Over the Garden Wall from last Winter Sac Anime Wirt - pumpkinetics Beatrice - heartenedsoldier Greg - heartenedsoldier’s little brother

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Gravity falls-- over the garden wall-- steven universe-- and if I'm not mistaken a quote from into the woods

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Original Fallen Humans: Frisk (Undertale), Wirt (Over the Garden Wall), Steven…

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Over The Garden Wall: Wirt Print

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Over the Garden Wall Fan Forge - WeLoveFine -T-shirts designed for fans by fans

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