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from Jams and Scones

7 Ways To Kill That Mombie Feeling and Reclaim Your Brain

Are you a Mombie? Momprenuer's tend to be Mombies on Steroids adding running a business to the already manic world of motherhood.


Vascular dementia in someone you have loved your entire life.. some days they love you and are calm and understanding and some days they are so frustrated it's like parenting an overly tired 2 year old & I can't stop the tears from all the pain. Knowing and talking and finding comfort as I always have in my God gets me through.

from RedFlag News

OUTRAGE: Before Leaving, Obama Enacts Rules to Take $3,000 From EVERY American

CONSERVATIVE TRIBUNE Even thought President Barack Obama only has less than two months left in office, he hasn’t stopped his liberal agenda, and he hasn’t learned that the American people are tired of regulations. American Action Forum reported that America has just passed an important milestone — the 10-year regulatory burden on Americans has now passed $1 trillion. New Environmental Protection Agency regulations on trucks were what finally pushed the regulation costs over $1…

I'm needy, a bit clingy, I want all your attention, I'm overly affectionate, I'm crazy emotional, I care too much, love too hard. give way too much & ends up hurt 100% of the time. I'm tired.


HAHAHAHA def the face I make while Im thinking to myself still talking about me. Just can't get over me lol don't blame you.


story• Oliver||I would no longer wake up to her morning kisses, I would no longer feel her hand brush against in mine, I would no longer feel her hand laced /with/ mine. My other half was dead, and I couldn't do anything to help that. I felt so tired. I felt so numb. I couldn't breathe. I looked over to the sky. It was dark, and dawn would be coming in a few hours. I sigh and enter Aiden's room. (continued in comments)


That last comment makes me happy and I'm so tired of people judging other people based on characteristics they literally have no control over. I didn't DECIDE to have small boobs, and no one DECIDES to have any size boob, some people develop more than others and that's not a controlled decision they make.