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Overbite Braces

The Three Types of Malocclusion are: Class I - normal bite. Class II - Retrognathism Class III - Prognathism


Overbite is the condition when maxillary anterior teeth overlap the mandibular anterior teeth. Though the problem is seen in children but if untreated can be carried forward till adult age. The treatment depends upon the severity of overbite and many range from braces to jaw surgery.

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"Hereditary factors may cause malocclusion problems such as crossbite, overbite and underbite. No worries. There is nothing a pair Lookswoow hands and our clever-looking braces cannot fix – teeth-wise, of course. #Lookswoow #braces #dentalhealth "


eBrace lingual braces corrected overbite case. #orthodontic#

We are celebrating that the 12-year old has finished with his braces this week. I twisted the dentist's arms, yes, both of them, to give him braces years before she intended to, so he'd be rid of them before puberty (and vanity). 1.8 cm overbite corrected in little over a year. It hasn't been fun or pain-free; He's been sleeping with a hellish construction that has forced his lower jaw to grow 1.8 cm more than nature intended. I sound like the nazi mother from hell, I know, but it was either…