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Overcoming Jealousy

One of the biggest things I want to teach my daughter is how to overcome the ugly emotion of jealousy. Let's all get real, our society is very focused on looks and for young and older girls it's easy to not feel "good enough" I want to teach my daughter to first love everything about her and to also appreciate all the beauty around her (people and things) and to not feel jealous when doing so. It's a very empowering thing !!!


Listen to me when I tell you this. Jealousy is a weak emotion. You've got to overcome that weak shit. Jealousy stems from an internal conflict raging within a person. That energy is then transmitted and focused on someone else. Instead of being jealous take that energy and apply it to your hustle. Activate your Hustlers mindset. A hustler doesn't have time to be jealous of anyone. As a matter of fact be happy for your peers and those around you. But being jealous is a weak emotion and if you…