Photographed by Brian Downes for Honey, November 1971. Furry tiger printed Courtelle bolero jacket and pale lemon, coffee and white coin spotted cotton satin Oxford bags, both from Martha Hill. Rust and black confetti spotted blouse by John Craig. Cherries and bangles by Adrien Mann.

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1920s mens overalls fit very wide on the body, even before oxford bags came into being. The looseness of the fit made all kind of work easier on the men. The lack of belt loops or suspenders meant clothes would not get caught on machinery. The wide fit also made more room for large pockets on the sides, back, and front bib area. They were as serviceable as any men’s pants could be.

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Shoes - MMA Manufacturer: Hill & Novis Date: 1935–45 Culture: American Medium: leather Sportswear provided the most fertile ground for innovation, and some of the more extreme men's fashions, including plus-fours and oxford bags, are now icons of the period. This pair of classic spectator shoes combines all the quintessential features: white leather with black or brown wing tip and foxing, fully pinked and perforated at the edges, medallion tip, and an oxford cut

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