Pablo escobar money

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15 Things You Didnt Know About Pablo Escobar
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Drug lord Pablo Escobar had so much cash that rats ate almost $1 billion of his money each year.

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Pablo Escobar money

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pablo escobar tenia que gaurdar su dinero en la Tierra, en total el tenia mas de 100 billones de dolares

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Pablo Escobar (1 Dec 1949 - 2 Dec 1993) was a Colombian drug lord, who at the height of his career, his cartel supplied 80% of the cocaine in the U.S. He was the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated networth of US$100 Billion including money he had hidden around Colombia (making him the 7th richest man). As a member of the Medellín Cartel, he became notorious for his cutthroat business style, as well as cultivated a Robin Hood image making him popular among the poor in…

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16 frases que llevaron a Pablo Escobar Gaviria a ser el narcotraficante más poderoso del mundo

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