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Make Your Pączki at Home with this Traditional Polish

Polish Pączki Recipe - Tired of the lack of bakeries that sell these in Colorado. Just going to have to make my own!


Oh Ya.....Paczkis ("Poonch-kie") from Hamtramck. Hamtramck is a Polish community outside of Detroit.

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Orange Creamsicle Cake Doughnuts

Orange Creamsicle Cake Doughnuts

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Fewer Calories on Fat Tuesday

Baked Polish Doughnuts or Paczki - © Barbara Rolek

Healthy Baked Donut Hearts ~ These fluffy doughnuts are addictive-- good thing they are healthy and only 104 calories each!


You CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet! Please don't get in the habit of doing extra workouts to make up for eating junk. You might be able to burn off the extra calories but you cannot make up for attempting to fuel your body with crap. Trans-fats will not melt away and evaporate during your workout after you ate those french fries for lunch. Do not use exercise to rationalize unhealthy dietary habits. Exercise is an ADJUNCT to a healthy diet- NOT a substitute. Instead, think of eating as a way…

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Greek Yogurt Cheesecakes with Granola Crust

These Greek Yogurt Cheesecakes are smooth and creamy with a bit of tanginess and a crunchy granola crust. These gluten-free cheesecakes were delicious for breakfast topped with fresh berries, and they're only 177 calories each!

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Happy Donut Day!

Happy Donut Day! | Free printable & Sale — My Digital Art Studio

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Fewer Calories on Fat Tuesday

Try This Healthier Baked Paczki Recipe for Fewer Calories on Fat Tuesday: Polish Paczki or Doughnuts

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Fewer Calories on Fat Tuesday

A baked pączki recipe (Polish doughnuts) lower in fat than the ones fried in hot oil. Pączki are eaten on Fat Tuesday in America and on Fat Thursday in Poland.