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from Chic Vintage Brides

Downton Abbey Series 3 Mary & Matthew's Wedding

The Morning Suit is the equivalent of White Tie before 6 P.M. Coats are black or grey with single button at the waist and cut away to broad tail at back. This style is typically accompanied by a wing-collared dress shirt, ascot, and striped trousers, but can be made less formal by pairing with a tie.


According to this site, the "white tie" is even more formal than the black tie. It's also a way for to make the bowtie less obvious, for any groom who doesn't like bowties.

from Burberry

Women's Clothing

Didn't hit the cleaners soon enough to pick up my white suit...this is what I would have worn to tnite's Nuit Blanche party! Plan B...or rather W!