Learn what the 0 to 10 pain scale really means and how to use it most effectively so that your pain is taken seriously. #fibromyalgia

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this is the BEST pain scale I have seen so far. I really like the color coding from cool blue to hot red. Descriptions of functionality AMAZING and on target. I am also starting a blog at www.zebrastrong.me.. Please follow and like me on on pinterest and check out my new site. It is not much now but it will be soon with your help. ! This has been saved by hundreds since I posted it. . Can someone chat to me and tell me where it is popping up?

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"Comparative Pain Scale": an explanation of the numerical scale for pain's severity identification for better understanding between patient and care-giver/doctor. An excellent tool.

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This is why I hate the effing pain scale. It's meaningless. Like my 6 is most people's 10. And health care "professionals" don't believe it can be that bad, so we end up undertreated. Stop punishing chronic pain patients. Don't we already suffer enough?

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Lol I should have this for that person who is chatting with their family member and then turns and tells me her pain is a 10! We say a 9 should be "Chop my leg off with no anesthesia, Just get it off!" 10 can't speak any more.

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chronic-illness-cat: This is from the American Chronic Pain Association Quality of Life Scale. The pdf is here: http://theacpa.org/uploads/documents/Quality_of_Life_Scale.pdfIt’d be beneficial for someone in the community who is both time rich and spoon rich to create a text copy of this for copy/paste and printing purposes. This is the one I use the most with my employers for accommodation. I managed to claw my way up to a six after a year’s sick leave of nothing but unrelenting physio…

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