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from Whimsical September

How to Paint Wooden Trim White

I can’t even believe I’m about to type this, but every inch of oak trim in this house is finally painted white, including baseboards, door frames, windows, our mantel, and built-ins (HALLELUJAH!!!). I went back and forth for the first couple of months trying to decide if I was going to dive in and tackle …

from How To Build It

How to Paint Baseboards On Carpet

I get a roll of packing tape, and roll out a foot or two touching the carpet and going up a little over an inch of the baseboard. Then I take a smaller putty knife and push the top of the tape down between the baseboard and the carpet, I continue working my way across the whole area to be painted.

from Craving some Creativity

Repairing and Caulking Baseboards like a Pro

Crisp baseboards and molding make a wall paint shine. Repairing and caulking baseboards doesn't have to be scary with these pro tips!

from Bob Vila

How to Paint Baseboards

How to Paint Baseboards: Are your dingy, scuffed, or chipped baseboards getting you down? Perk them right up with a fresh coat of paint. Here's how.

from SheKnows

These hacks are all you'll need for your next home painting project

Tips and tricks to painting baseboards. | Use "Tape & Drape" and a large wall guard. | What paint to use: walls = satin ceilings = flat trim = bright white, semi-gloss

from Remodelaholic

Why You Need to Start Caulking + Tips

If you're working with trim or wainscoting, you NEED caulk. Use these caulking tips to get a beautiful and like-a-pro finish on all of your DIY projects around the house.

from Unexpected Elegance

Fast and EASY Way to Paint Baseboards (on hard surfaces)

Do you dread the tedious project of touching up your baseboards? Find out a fast and EASY way to paint baseboards, that will make you wonder why you waited!