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Organized Paint Chip Wall Calendar by Honey We're Home


8 Fun Things To Do With Recycled Paint Chips

paint easy SO COOL!!! I'm doing these for every type of craft that I do so that I will have a record of things I did in the past to help me do things in the present. No more "How did I do that last time?" This will be my record keeper on cost of materials, "cost of time" it took to do it, if I sold it or gave it as a present, what I sold it for.... things like that.


Top 10 Things to do With Paint Chip Samples

If you have painted your walls recently you have got a stash of paint chips in your junk drawer, just waiting for the perfect project. You won’t believe how beautiful and imaginative things you can make with them. Since they come in such pretty colors, it is a shame to throw them away. But if you don`t have paint chip samples don’t be disappointed you can find them for free in any home improvement store.