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Paint Stripper For Wood


How To Strip Painted Furniture

How to strip painted furniture with before & after photos, a list of tools you will need, & a product review of a great furniture stripper.


Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® removes 15 LAYERS OF PAINT IN ONE SINGLE APPLICATION. It is a unique paint remover that is 100% biodegradable, safe for the user, the surfaces to be stripped and the environment. Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® is very effective for removing multiple layers of paint, industrial coatings and architectural finishes from virtually all interior and exterior surfaces. Works wonders on painted brick, all kinds of wood products, metals, stone, plaster, concrete, fiberglass…


I am REPINNING this because it is amazing!!! I wanted to redo our bedroom furniture a darker stain and this took the shine and old stain off in minutes. I was actually surprised it worked! Any diy-ers out there definitely need to purchase this!


How To Strip Painted Furniture

How to strip painted furniture. I've used the paint stripper she recommends. It does actually work well with no fumes.


Did you know you can strips paint with oven cleaner? Make sure it is a sunny and you have plenty of ventilation. Spray on the oven cleaner let set for 5-10 minutes. Don't let it dry!!! Use a paint scraper or paper towel to remove the the paint. You will then keep a rag and water handy to clean your item as you go. You may have to repeat several times if there are a lot of coats of paint. Let your item dry and it's good to go for another coat of paint or leave the wood grain show.


Remove paint on wood from previous paint projects (Esp on door trim or base board). One Q-tip amount of paint Magic Strip by Zinsser. Wait 10 - 15 mins...wipes off.