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    Innocent ~ You’re quite the tame creature, You don’t like it rough, Casual sex, You’re not into that stuff. Some call you vanilla, So sweet and so pure, Your innocence gives you, A kind of allure. Some may think you have, Such an innocent glow, But after one night, Something else they would know. The full moon arises, And out of your skin, Comes a sexual monster, That’s lurking within! Don’t be too fearful, Your lover may faint, But it’s good once in a while, Not to be such a saint.

    10.24.13 This is one of the most natural images I have seen on pinterest, and it is only a hand. The lines created from the blood rushing down into the veins stand drastically out on the background of the pale skin. The pure reality of this image is shown through the rough texture of the natural skin with the scars and scraps that come along with it.

    The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever. ~Jacques Cousteau

    blanc | white | bianco | 白 | belyj | gwyn | color | texture | form |

    Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ MORE @ threeriversdeep.w... pin source: "Seven hours" by Mirabilia mira-mirabiliaima...

    The Veiled Bride. I think she might be some mythological figure for Chorostonia...not sure what her story is yet. -Lainey

    (Laura Makabresku) Tus cabellos castaños, tus castaños cabellos "Por volver a besarlos con el viejo fervor, vendería yo la ciencia que compré con dolor y la tela de araña que tejí en sueños." -Renato Leduc

    Trong đĩa mới phát hành của nhóm nhạc underground Sodagreen, có bài “Cá bay”, lời bài hát nghe rất sướng: “Đơm hoa không kết quả thì sao chứ? Là cá thì nhất định phải bơi ư?” Tình yêu không kết quả, chỉ cần nở hoa, màu sắc đã rực rỡ rồi. Được trông thấy màu rực rỡ đó, tuổi trẻ của tôi, không còn gì để hối tiếc.

    I'm literally so done with school as everyone in it like it'll be a miracle if I make it through the next 2 days without killing someone

    Estelle/Estella ~Origin: French/Spanish ~Meaning: Star get more only on freefacebookcover...

    Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self discovery..." threeriversdeep.w...

    Through the years, I came to realizations that directed me to keep loving Christ, but to reach inside and discover all the gifts provided to me. There I found this direct connection more intimate than any religion. My feeling is that I am closer to my Source and no books or regulations are in between. Just a wide expanse of pure white, a field of bright-light love. (Kimberly Michele)

    Let’s open all the doors and windows…breath it in, love it out!

    Try having to convince everyone from elementary school and beyond that Latinas can be pale too -__-

    sheer | white | feminine | whitewash | neutral tones | dreamy | www.republicofyou...

    Красивым быть - не значит им родиться, ведь красоте мы можем научиться. Когда красив душою человек, какая внешность может с ней сравниться ? Омар Хайям

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    “I’ve things to do today: I must crush memory down, I must turn my heart to stone, I must try living, again.” ~ Anna Akhmatova, from “The Sentence."

    I have been at the beach many times when the light has looked like this. Blindingly beautiful and gentle.

    white | neutral tones | pastel lips | softness | translucent | www.republicofyou...

    hashtagteengirl: flaunter: this is so pretty pale and pretty pics, i followback