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Paladin Meaning

CUTE, but....hE FORGOT THE TILDE!!!! ((This thing ~))<<<which means something /very/ different

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True and it doesn't have to be those green Martian things everyone imagines. Alien just means a life form from another Planet so it's extremely possible. when u think about it it's actually really ignorant to believe that in this whole infinite universe that our one tiny planet is the only one occupying living creatures just sayin

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Keith was so happy for like 0.0002 seconds  my poor mullet baby
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Knight was a term used to refer to a nobleman or warrior, but its root English word was cniht, which meant page boy. The ideas of knighthood are more closely related to the Roman equites. Equites is a Latin word meaning horsemen. The equites were made of Romans wealthy enough to afford horses. Knights in the early middle ages were just horsemen, but it became a sign of nobility and social status as it grew more expensive to get equipped for fighting on horseback. ..........

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