Palm Reading Charts

Palm Reading Chart Learn palm reading basics and how the palm reading chart is interpreted, with this easy to understand palm reading guide which contains information to help interpret the secrets that lie hidden within the palms of your hands.

#palmistry this felt so good I just rubbed the highlighted blue areas and voila magic they felt GOOD! :)

Major Lines of Your Palm - still learning since i was a pup. my yia yia was a palm reader

Palm chart

Palm reading, idea to inform print design. Fortune tellers and the mystery they bring.

Party-Palmistry - easy to use palm lines hand reading diagram

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Hand Reflexology - Easy to perform on yourself. Shows points for both palm and top of hand. Try it!

Palm Reading Chart

Even our hands emanate energy based on our chakra system. The base part of the palm connects to our root and the tips of our fingers connect to our crown.

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palmistry chart - palm or foot amulet with area to work on highlighted

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It’s All In The Palm Of Your Hand – Press These Points For Wherever You Hurt


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Reflexology Foot Chart

Palm Reading Diagram and basic definitions. How fun!

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A palm readers guide... this would be great to recreate on a plaster hand. Then place it on a shelf with a framed fortune teller pic & a deck of tarot cards.

Minor arcana meanings

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