I love this, I'd add the word "Florida" across the trunk of the tree in teal and a lil pink heart in the bottom corner

# I am quite partial to the 'band' look under the elbow. I like that this is more than that. Both an image and band.

palm tree tattoo. Probably not on my wrist, but it's cute! A good matching design for me and my cousin?

I really likes this. Reminds me of where Ive been and where I'm from

The idea of small arm tattoos, not the actual tattoos themselves--placement

set of palm tree by Dragana Gerasimoski, via Shutterstock

If you've got serious commitment issues — when it comes to tattoos - the solution is here: temporary, organic tattoos that look real but will disappear after two weeks.

Minimalist and tiny tattoo inspiration from geometric shapes to linear patterns | Stylist Magazine

Palm tree tattoo foot girl small cute sand beach sea by donna

palm and coconut trees vector silhouette

Tatuajes de árbol | Los 13 tipos de tatuajes que todos deseamos en el 2013

20 baby palm trees, in-progress commission

Palm tree tattoo (glitter & the girls)

fin plassering, men blir tydeligvis slitt bort ganske fort? ka med å tattovere noke som e meininga at det skal bli slitt bort?

Tropical Beach Drawing Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration