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Pancakes for kids


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Fun Christmas Foods for Toddlers

Apparently there's an ice storm on its way to our area. Sometimes around this time of year, something cheery - even if it's something very small, is necessary. We rounded up a few ideas (mostly free) from our archives to inspire you and give you a lift.

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Wise owl fruity toast – kids breakfast

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Awesome funfetti recipes, from cake to marshmallowy treats.

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Put your choice of pancake batter in a condiment bottle! Then it's easier to make the desired design for you or your family!!

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10 Christmas Breakfast Ideas The Kids Will Love Waking Up To!

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Mini muffin pancake bites. Easy to make, bite-sized pancakes for kids to customize with their favorite toppings.

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Pancake Pops

Surprise her with a non-messy breakfast in bed. | 31 Unexpected Ways To Show Your Mom You Love Her

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Silly Kid-Friendly Stegosaurus Breakfast

Most days, breakfast is fend-for-yourself for my older daughters, and a predictable rotation of favorites for my toddler. Every so often, my little guy and I are perky enough in the morning to do some cooking together. Our latest creation... Continue Reading →

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