(NaturalNews) Pancreatitis is a severely painful chronic inflammatory disorder of the pancreas. It happens when the pancreatic enzymes become activated within the pancreas and begin digesting the cellular wall. Beat pancreatitis with natural healing strategies. The most common signs and symptoms of pancreatitis include severe upper abdominal burning pain that often radiates into the back, [...]

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I hope this can save a person a lot of pain. Wish I'd had this..... Then I would've known I had pancreatitis.

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Learn more about pancreatitis including its causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment. http://articles.mercola.com/pancreatitis.aspx

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Get the scoop on herbs, supplements, and natural therapies that may help with pancreatitis symptoms including antioxidants, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine.

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Elimination Diet – What, How & Why? Are you a spoonie, living the chronic life, who wants to start to manage your symptoms? Check out this post! Resources to do a elimination diet to help you identify triggers which cause inflammation and can help you manage your symptoms. | Julie Cerrone Holistic Health Coach itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

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Know how to spot pancreatitis symptoms like abdominal pain and nausea. Also, learn about steps you can take to prevent pancreatitis, such as modifying your diet.

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Pancreatitis is no joke! I honestly prayed to die!!!! I spent most of the summer in the hospital and had a feeding tube for 3 weeks all together. Not Fun!

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