SOUND WITHOUT SPEAKERS. The vibrate unit could change almost any flat-solid surface into a resonance speaker. Thanks to the enhanced magnetostrictive vibration tech,music could be played on any surfaces like tables,chairs,doors,windows,and walls * YOU DECIDE WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. The sound generated from the surface disperses as a flat field through the panel. Meaning all people in front of the panel or surface will hear the same immersive surround sound at the same volume level. Outputting a

I have to get a new bath panel and this is genius use of otherwise dead space, and hides cleaning products etc, so you don't have to buy any extra storage.

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FLORAL ENVELOPE FLAP CARD Especially for You on Craftsuprint designed by Susan Murdoch - Envelope flap style card with step by step layers. Suitable for any occasion - 'Especially for You' on panel, meaning you can use it for anything! - Now available for download!

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Reading a blood test can be confusing. Here's a helpful infographic developed by that describes a typical blood test and what it’s results might mean for your horse. #horsehealth #infographic

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Yep. Me on small talks. Basically, just everytime I speak and I mean, every. freaking. time.

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How to Get Cheap Solar Power: a collection of projects from Instructables (meaning all the instructions are right there for you).

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[GIF] the more i watch this gif the cuter it gets. Misha & Jensen convention panel #JIB2013

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The Lexus Aileron is an unusual and radical concept car ❤ ❤

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Glass wall panel installation by UK based artist Chris Wood. She says that her work is about expressing the “magic of light”. Um… nailed it! She uses dichroic glass, and in case you’ve never heard of dichroic glass, (meaning two colour). Developed in the late fifties by NASA to protect against the potentially harmful effects of direct sunlight and cosmic radiation. It is a material that very eloquently expresses the magic of the phenomenon of light.”

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