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Ginger-chicken wontons, fresh broccoli, spinach, napa cabbage blend, roasted mushroom and onion blend and Thai chili vinaigrette with cilantro and sesame seeds in our hen broth.-Visit for more inspiration.

Panera Bread - Nutrition Calculator Panera has a hidden menu with "power" options (low carb, high protein) for breakfast, lunch, and dinnner. You can find nutrition info for these menu items and others via this pin.

Panera Bread Nutrition Calculator - really handy calculator. Choose the menu item that you would like and uncheck ingredients that you want omitted and click "calculate". You can even add other items. Nice!

"Knowledge is power. That's the whole idea behind our Nutrition Calculator, and putting calories on our menu boards." -Scott Davis, Panera Bread. #FoodTank

Did you know that Panera has a HIDDEN MENU!? Go to and click on the nutrition calculator tab. Once there click the little round button that says 'hidden menu' THIS IS AMAZING and so great if you're on a high protien/gluten free diet!