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Panthera leo Spelaea or Eurasian Lion,a sub species of lions that are now extinct. They were also known as the Cave Lion's.


A pride of Eurasian cave lions(Panthera leo spelaea) vs. woolly rhino(Coelodonta antiquitatis).. by on @deviantART

8W. Photo: "Panthera-Leo-spelaea" -- [Creb said,] “ 'Spirit of Cave Lion, the girl, Ayla, is delivered into your protection.' ...The idea of taking the strange child into the clan had been difficult enough, but this totem of hers was too much. It was irregular, unconventional; Brun didn’t like anomalies in his well-ordered clan... There would be no further deviations. If the girl was to be a member of his clan, she would conform, Cave Lion or no Cave Lion." p.89-90

6W. Panthera (Leo) spelaea, the cave lion, is the one in the middle; males did not have manes. (If you want to make your head hurt, dive into the discussion boards about relative sizes of various felines, past and present.) -- In "Clan...." we meet the cave lion early on and his presence is felt throughout, as he comes to symbolize Ayla in the way the cave bear does for the clan.


A rogue male cave lion (panthera leo spelaea) has wandered too close to a grazing woolly rhino (coelodonta antiquitatis)


Panthera leo spelaea - Eurasian Cave Lion This extinct subspecies of lion lived from 370,000 to 10,000 years ago (until the end of the last Ice Age / Pleistocene Period). Its habitat ranged from Europe to the Yukon territory, over the Bering land bridge. It was one of the largest subspecies of lion, and is believed to be 8-10% larger than modern African lions. They weighed 700-800lbs, were approximately 1.2m at the shoulder and had a head-body length of 2.1m.