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Papa dice

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If you're going to try, go all the way. Anything less is just foolish juvenile madness and you might as well have not tried at all.

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The world tells us to seek success,power and money; GOD tells us to seek humility, service and love ~ Pope Francis.

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El Rottweiler es una raza de guardia. La gente dice que son bravos pero no lo son. Son bravos porque los dueños le enseñan a ser así.

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Pape-François - 1 People how inspirate me - Mensen die mij inspireren More

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Cobíjame con tu manto Dios mio!!! Quita el polvo de mis ojos y limpia mi mente para que pueda ver y entender con claridad el plan que tienes trazado para mi.

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Sunbaking in my little pool ✨ Have added you on my snapchat! Love is...a siesta, together.

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