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Paper Chef Hats

How to Make a Paper Chef Hat

So adorable! The kids will want to help out in the kitchen if they get to wear these easy-to-make paper chef's hat!


How to Make a Paper Chef Hat

How to Make Little Styrofoam Hats. How to Make Little Styrofoam Hats. Remember Shrinky Dinks? Styrofoam coffee cups can be used the same way to make quaint little hats for decoration, dolls or just an interesting collection.


DIRECTIONS: 1. First measure your hat band width/length and cut the poster board to size (measured:17″ long by 3.25″ tall – but these were decorations, not to actually fit a real head) 2. Once band is cut, unfold tissue paper 3. Begin at top edge of tissue paper, and make 1/4″ size pleats (about 5 at a time) 4. As you create about 5 pleats, tape the pleats in place along the edge length of the band. Continue to do this until the tissue has been pleated & ends at halfway point of band...