This guide is about making a paper mache hot air balloon. You can make a cute little paper mache hot air balloon with just newspaper strips, flour, water, paints, and an inflated balloon.

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Paper Mache Bowls with Gelli™ Prints! Creating your bowl is a simple process, but it does take patience! Here's what to do: Blow up a balloon and tie a knot. Place the balloon in a cup to stabilize it. It helps to secure the balloon to the cup with tape. Pour some Mod Podge into a dish and stir in a little water, thinning it to the consistency of heavy cream. A foam brush is good for applying the adhesive, but I prefer to wear disposable gloves and use my hands.

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Paper cut outs Matisse style! Draw and cut out leaf shapes, use mod podge to glue onto a balloon, leave to dry fully and pop it! So much fun with the kids!

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Paper mache a balloon, pop the balloon, add string and a basket! Love these!

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Balloons wrapped in string dipped in glue. Let dry, then pop the balloon.

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Paper mache pumpkin! This would be awesome for a center pieces at thanks giving dinner or great for apartments!

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made it paper mache with tissue paper so i didn't have to paint. I'll post a pic.Blue and White Striped Hot Air Balloon It's not on this site but I'm thinking I can make it out of paper mache

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