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Paper Towel Rolls

9 hours ago

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Tons of ways to use paper rolls. Not just kid's crafts, but really good ideas.

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Paper Craft for Spring - Daisies Made From Empty Paper Towel Rolls/Tubes #spring #flowercraft #daisy

25 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art. Ok, I love toilet paper roll art and we are recycling when we do it. I keep my paper towel rolls too; they work just as well, maybe a little stouter. Just check this pin out and I'm sure you'll find something you'll have to make!

5. Use old paper towel rolls to make a marble slide. | 39 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

Tape a paper towel roll to the wall to keep toddlers busy. | 33 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

  • Gina Luna

    I'm going to make this right now!

  • bamboo61

    ok, but it would have to be PVC pipe BOLTED to the wall for my grand-daughter LOL

Build with straws and cardboard rolls - this is a really cheap boredom buster! This idea would be great for a party!

  • Esther Lynch

    This a great idea. Thank you for sharing it. I'm sure the girls can do it too and love to build with toilet tissue rolls and straws.

  • Gomaa Mohamed

    I just wonder: why just FrugalFun4Boys??????Whats about fun for girls?

tp rolls and paper towel rolls... this is so pretty and you can make it yourself! I love projects!

Grow seedlings in recycled containers as greenhouses. Any clear plastic container will do. Use paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls as a pot. When ready to plant, simply place the whole roll in the ground and plant.

DIY Faux Candles ... Toilet Paper Rolls + Paper Towel Rolls + Tealights + Black Paint + hot glue. could do any color.

Fall is approaching and it's time to spark up the fire pit and an easy way to get the entertaining going. Use leftover dryer lint, stuff it in a toilet paper roll, wrap it in newspaper and voila - DIY fire starter.

garbage bag on a paper towel roll - seriously.... why didn't I know about this before?

Paper towel roll rainsticks - great craft, used for the rainforest theme... would work well with the weather study as well.

toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls/brown paper bags made into this awesome tree

Hanging shoe organizers have many uses, and holding paper towel rolls is a brilliant one.

Another fun fun way to teach addition - using manipulatives (such as marbles), paper cups, and paper towel rolls ...

I'm gonna use wrapping paper or paper towel rolls for this. Toilet paper rolls sound a little gross :)

  • Tiffani Collins

    It might sound gross, but they are actually very clean since they hold clean toilet paper ;) I'm working on this project right now :D

Make money on eBay selling empty paper towel rolls. Really.

Great craft ideas from everyday things--milk lids, paper towel rolls, juice cans, etc.

The UnPaper Towel, snappable homemade cloths, fit on a regular paper towel roll. (Cat Eyed KP)

I'm thinking this on a larger scale for the wall, without the banner..... made out of paper towel rolls....Bev always has great ideas!

Wall Accents: From paper towel tubes to cupcake wrappers... 25 DIY Wall Art Ideas - Decoist

Toilet paper roll cross...I collect crosses to hang on the wall, and a solid neutral color cross would be gorgeous with my collection!

Turn a paper towel roll into an open ended rainstick for sensory play

do this with different size toilet paper and paper towel rolls to use them up...good for art show

burlap lace and doily wrist bands/bracelets - Get rid of the burlap though and use something softer @Paula Smith. THIS ALSO GAVE ME AN IDEA, USING PAPER TOWEL ROLLS, CUT, WRAP LIKE ABOVE USE FOR NAPKIN RINGS