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Paper Towns Summary

Complete chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of John Green's Paper Towns.

The local newspaper put out an article about the new movies to be excited for in 2014. One of which included The Fault in Our Stars. I gleefully read the summary of the movie as if I hadn't cried over the book yet and discovered they had published that Hazel's love interest is played by Nat Wolff (aka Isaac). I am laughing so hard right now. Can you imagine how different the book would've been if Hazel had fallen for Isaac instead of Augustus? @Molly White @Mackenzie Rae @Heather Alt


*After I read the ending:* *sobs* Mom:Why are you crying? ME: I LOVE THIS BOOK! Mom:BUT WHY ARE YOU CRYING!?!?! Me:Because I hate it at the same time!


Such an amazing book, if anyone thinks that authors don't put symbols and such in on purpose they need to read this book and the author's discussions about it.


Hey guys I was wondering if you can comment three or more of your favorite books. For every book that you comment give a summary about the story ( but no spoilers;)) I will really appreciate if you comment. I have already read tfios, divergent, hunger games, and paper towns so you don't need to put that in your favorites. I am currently reading a book called Michael Vey ( if you're interested what it's about plz comment ) and hopefully tomorrow The Isle of The Lost.