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Finally - A Small Batch Recipe for Papercrete

As promised, I am writing today about small batch recipes for papercrete. For those of you who did not read the previous article - Papercrete for Fairy Gardens - papercrete is a mixture of paper pu...

Very good step-by-step to make #Papercrete. A mix of about 3 parts paper pulp, 2 parts Portland cement and 1 part perlite. Lighter than hyperturfa and perfect newspaper recycling. Should also be good to make #raised beds and #retaining walls.


How To Make Papercrete: Papercrete is a cement with fibers of some kind in it. These fibers can be just about anything, from paper and cotton to hemp, jute, flax, wool ect. These fibers add strength to the cement, just as glass fibers add strength to fibreglass. In the case of papercrete, these fibers can actually make up the bulk of the mix, resulting in a product that is both lightweight and strong.


How To Make Papercrete. Papercrete is the ultimate building material for preppers, homesteaders, and off grid living enthusiasts. Easy and cheap to make.