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Every time you make a decision, you tear a hole in the fabric of spacetime and enter a new parallel dimension. Not making a decision causes the same to happen. You may have thought that doing this requires a shaman, hallucinogenic drugs, or a time machine (or all three), but actually it stems from free will, is so subtle you never notice it, and happens all the time.


QUANTUM INTUITION EXPLAINED. Everything is Energy. Energy connects everything. Energy carries information. The past, present & future all exist simultaneously. Therefore, as energetic beings, we have access to the past present &f future at any point in time via energy. IT ALL CONNECTS. #energy

from The Huffington Post

Parallel Universes 'Exist And Interact' Says Landmark Study


Perhaps that's the doorway to the Otherworld. Some scientists contend that at the time of the big bang there is nothing to contradict the notion that more than one universe was created. String theory suggests somewhere between 9 - 11 universes may exist. Hence, the Otherworld may be a parallel universe.