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Vectors and Parametric Equations - Interactive Notebook Activities

Vectors and Parametric Equations - Math Journal Activities with Teacher Answer Keys. Perfect for Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, or Integrated Math students. Includes over 25 related topics such as vector operations, scalar quantities, inner product-dot product in two and three-dimensions, parametric equations in linear forms, projectile/trajectory/range, matrices, and much more! #vectors #parametricequations


Parametric equation: the parametric equation of a curve is its representation through equations which express the coordinates of the points of the curve as functions of a variable, called a parameter; ex: y = cost or y = sint


Calculus BC Parametric Equations and Calculus Task Cards Notes Quiz

Parametrics and CalculusThese great activities and resources are designed for AP Calculus BC and College Calculus 2. This material is included in the section on Calculus and Parametrics, usually in the last unit of the course. Included: * Task Cards: There are 16 Task Cards to each set.


Trigonometry PreCalculus: Graph Parametric Equations on the TI 83 TI 84

Graph Parametric Equations teaching resource plus worksheets - No Prep. Teach students to use the TI 83 - 84 to graph Parametric Equations. Easy to follow directions. Learn about Mode,Tstep and more. Great for Trigonometry, PreCalculus, AP Calculus BC, College Calculus 2. Also included is a handout/worksheet for your students to practice with the graphs.


Trigonometry Calculus BC Parametric Equations Task Cards Worksheet Notes

Parametric Equations - Converting to RectangularThis activity is suitable for PreCalculus - Trigonometry and can be used as a review for Calculus 2 or AP Calculus BC classes before studying the Calculus of Parametric Curves. The introduction to concept of Parametric Equations can be difficult for students and yet this topic is so important, especially later in Calculus.