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This intriguing photo was taken in the Parish Church Hall in Lyme Regis, England, in 2005. Despite being connected to the church & being used by American troops during World War II, up to now there have been no reports of any paranormal activity. When this picture was taken, an indoor camping site had been set up. Earlier in the day a small girl had been seen chatting away to herself & when asked who she was talking to she replied, “Sam”. There was no one of that name in the group or in the…


20 True Paranormal Activity Stories

20 True Paranormal Activity Stories - These 20 true paranormal activity stories are accounts by real people who have experience unexplainable events, that have terrified them for years afterwards.

from The Independent

Britain's 20 most haunted places

Michelham Priory, an historic building in Sussex, is famous for reports of ghosts and other paranormal activity. It is claimed the house is frequently host to poltergeist activity and visitations from a spirit known as the Grey Lady who has been seen at the bridge and gatehouse.