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A complete guide to paranormal research from a scientific prospective. The Authors have spent the last four years creating a methodology with the intention of uniting the paranormal community while… read more at Kobo.


Yes, I am! If I could, I would start my own paranormal research business. Yes, I love it that much =)


Paranormal Researcher: John Zaffis trained and worked with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. He owns his own museum of haunted/possessed items, and has a SYFY channel T.V. show called, "Haunted Collector".

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New Franks Ghost Spirit Box Radio Hunting Equipment! Paranormal Research


A fantastic guide for our ghost hunters who join us on our investigations while not all of these are needed we will provide equipment drinks, torches and snacks are very much required also make sure your phone is charged and primed. Spare batteries for your torch are a good idea'll kick yourself if you miss something because your torch goes dead :)

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These 8 Arkansas Urban Legends Will Keep You Up At Night

Curran Hall, Arkansas: Staff have claimed to have seen inexplicable events such as machinery operating on its own and shadowy figures appearing in spots around the property. Paranormal researchers say that the main spirit has been identified as that of Mary Walters, a resident of the house until her death in 1843.