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Parenting Plan Questions and Answers

Filing a parenting plan with the state will ensure that the procedures you've agreed to -- about parenting time, visitation, holidays, and more -- are recognized by the courts. Find out which states require parenting plans and how to file a plan in your jurisdiction.

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Sample Child Custody Schedules for a Shared Parenting Plan

What kind of custody schedule works best for a shared parenting plan? Well, the best custody schedule is one that will give both parents sufficient time to continue to nurture and develop their relationship with the child. There are many schedules...

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Why Is Equal Pareting After Divorce Important?

Studies and research that show the importance of equal parenting after divorce. Every child deserves equal time with both mom and dad.

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Managing Divorce and Break Ups with Joint Custody and Parenting Plans

The identification of emotional neglect is always the first step in addressing it. This is no small feat because one can spend many years in a dysfunctional, unhappy relationship due to emotional neglect, and not know quite why he or she is so unhappy.

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Mom's House, Dad's House

Mom's House, Dad's House. This book is a classic guide for parents going through a divorce that focuses on mediation, co-parenting, parenting plans, and communication tactics. The book not only addresses the legal side of divorce, giving step by step practical advice, it also helps parents focus on the children and lead productive conversations as they muddle through the muck of divorce.

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How to Be More Successful at Coparenting

How to Be More Successful at Coparenting: Schedule Changes, Parent-Child Communication, and Decision Making

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Should I parent by instinct or with a

Should I parent with a plan or by instinct? Here are some thoughts on how our instincts can shape (but should not replace) a parenting plan.