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I got out of my car and saw my besties. Rosalie, Ella, and Bella. Rosalie was wearing a pink tank top with jeans, Ella was wearing pink jeans and a grey sweater, and Bella was wearing a white shirt with burgundy jeans. They waved to me, I waved back and said "One second" and went with Austin to his friends. "NoJo, Drake, Andre, and Lucas, this is Maddie. My cousin." Austin introduces me. I hug NoJo, "Hey, long time no see" I smile. Then he says "Rigley, Hailey, Jordyn, Kalin, and Sofie…


How a parking lot makeover can reduce flooding, nourish native plants, and keep waterways clean

thread collective, pratt institute, Elliott Maltby, Gita Nandan, parking lot retrofit, eco-friendly parking lots, stormwater management, flood management, rainwater recycling, native plants, green infrastructure


University of Copenhagen, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and Technical University of Denmark: alternative parking lot design