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The next time a part-time friend asks why you don't call or text anymore, ask them when the last time they went out of their way to just check up on you, when the last time they thought of you and picked up the phone just to chat, or when was the last time they didn't just talk about themselves before finally getting around to asking about you. You are not a rug, stopped being walked on. Instead, throw on some boots and do the walking yourself.

I'm so tempted to give up on you right now but then I'll know what you really think of me. Did you ever think of me as a friend or was it just because of her. If I new I would want to help but I don't so good bye for now. Just till you finally let me know

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22 Perfect GIFs to Celebrate World Cat Day

August 8: International Cat Day. Our feline friends are a big part of our lives, so now it's time to celebrate them in a special way -- with 22 GIFs sure to brighten your day.


This is me when my crush walk up to me and treat me like a priceness but today he walked up to me and said the most worst word he said can you ask my friend out for me I soooo hurt