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A sieve analysis is the measurement of particle size distribution. #facts #factfriday #factoftheday #sieve #sieveanalysis #agglomeration #materialtesting

ARI Environmental Inc. This company measures the particulate loading and particle size distribution at inlet and exhaust of FCCU third stage separators as well as the FCCU regen exhaust.

Hammer mills are a type of size reduction equipment, used to break down oversized granular materials. Breaking down oversize material helps to reach ideal particle size distribution for feedstock. #hammermills #equipment #manufacturing #FEECO

Figure 3 Particle size distribution for AuNPs without glucosamine and AuNPs functionalized with different concentrations of glucosamine, ie, (F1) 0.021% w/v, (F2) 0.043% w/v, (F3) 0.086% w/v, and (F4) 0.12% w/v (n=3).

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Dandelion Chocolate

An artisan chocolate factory started in 2010. There is a tour on which you can taste cacao as it is being processed. They're so into the science behind it, their website has diagrams of "particle size distribution" of beans milled by different machines.

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity cut a wheel scuff mark into a wind-formed ripple at the 'Rocknest' site to give researchers a better opportunity to examine the particle-size distribution of the material forming the ripple.