Paper Lanterns have been popular at my spring weddings both last year and this year

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Ok this is amazing and i promise i will actually do this pin when i have a house! Martha Stewart has a good idea :) on these do it yourself light lanterns for your back yard! I also think these would be PERFECT at my wedding : )

For anyone who ever wanted paper lanterns, this is the online store for you.

10" paper lanterns, 20 colors, $1 each! | need to remember this site..

I love the idea of floating mason jars filled with candles to light up the night of your outdoor wedding. These look good indoors as well.

Pom pom and paper lantern decoration @Olivia García García Phillips didn't you mention something like this?

These would be great for a party and looks easy enough to make — Twine Ball Lanterns nice alternative to the normal paper balls!

Floating lanterns instead of fireworks - we can all write wishes messages and ideas on them before sending them p to the sky.

Buy a box of glow sticks, cut off one end pour into the jar. Seal with a lid and shake to coat the inside. Voila! Instant lantern--SO COOL. Would be perfect for the deck!

Amazing bulk website, lots of different products for parties. Beautiful stuff. Paper Lantern Lights 25 Socket G40 C7 Clear Globe Bulbs White Cord 25 feet set

french country wedding | Vintage French Country Wedding from La Fete Weddings + Stephanie Hogue ...: I Love.

tabletop lanterns for wedding centerpieces | You will see how simple this lantern--literally 3 minutes. LOVE that!

to get the balloons to hang upside down just put a marble inside before blowing them up ~ great idea!

So gorgeous! Just paper lanterns and ribbons and you've got yourself a beautiful backdrop. Love it!

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Bobber lanterns. Check the dollar stores. Mask with tape and spray paint. Top is cardboard wrapped around a plastic jar lid then hot glued in place.