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Pascal's Triangle Formula

Shanghai-based multidisciplinary design company "Super Nature Design" has developed 'lost in pascal's triangle', an architectural sculpture that draws on the mathematics formula of french mathematician Blaise Pascal. in front of this focal element is a series of xylophone triangles which individuals can interact and play with to generate a series of music and lighting sequences.


Sum formulas for include (63), (64) (Wells 1986, p. 63), the latter of which shows that the shallow diagonals" of Pascal's triangle sum to Fibonacci numbers (Pappas 1989); (71),(72).

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PreCalculus Algebra 2 Binomial Theorem Posters - Handouts plus more

Binomial Posters, Study Guides, or Handouts.Great for Algebra or PreCalculus. The posters / handouts/ graphic organizers are a great addition to the unit containing the Binomial Theorem, Pascals Triangle, or the Fibonacci sequence. Included are Thirteen Posters / handouts depicting the Binomial Expansion, the Binomial Formulas, Examples, and Pascals Triangle, including one for students to fill in themselves.