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I'm sorry if my behavior comes off passive aggressive. That doesn't mean I don't love you x's infinity. <3 xoxo

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17 Conversations No Passive-Aggressive Person Has Had

And, of course, the conversation where YOU apologize for being passive-aggressive, and then promise to work on it (and actually mean it). | 17 Conversations No Passive-Aggressive Person Has Had

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As I get older, the more I appreciate forward people. You're mad at me? I'll respect you if you tell me. I don't understand adults that would rather stomp their feet & use passive aggressive behavior to communicate.

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Mind blown! Covert, passive-aggressive narcissist - holy smokes, this is exactly the narcissist I endured and she did it to me my entire life and family members never noticed, BUT all my friends always noticed!!!!! and have always made comments like " I cannot believe you're related to her!!" or "I cannot believe you two came from the same Mom and Dad"!

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#psychopath Wow!! This was my experience with Ladybug. I was always the peaceful one who would bite my tongue. She would go after everyone I loved my siblings, my parents, my little daughter. When i married and she started on my husband I decided enough!!

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