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Passover Kids Recipes

Houston, TX

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover to all celebrating. Here is an infographic to help famiiarize yourselves with what goes on the sedar plate.

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Learn about why some people put an orange on their seder plate, and other modern additions. Six Parts of the Seder Plate Beitzah: The Roasted Egg is symbolic of the festival sacrifice made

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Simple Matzo House

Simple Matzo House | Step-by-Step | DIY Craft How To’s and Instructions| Martha Stewart

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How cute is this?? This Passover table setting will make ANY kid excited to sit through an entire Seder! #Passover

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First up: confession. I founded G-dcast, where I make Jewish animation and apps for kids. So you'd think I have this Passover thing down right? Ha. Even though I have made three Passover apps, I'm still

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Matzoh House Is The New Gingerbread House

Matzoh House Is The New Gingerbread House Behold the architectural feats of unleavened bread.

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This is the most traditional charoset. Its signature ingredients are apples, walnuts, cinnamon, honey and sweet Manischewitz wine. We make this easy charoset with the young kids during our cocktail hour before we start our Seder. They love getting involved.

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The Best Easter Dinner {with a Free Printable} {Start a Christian Tradition: Messianic Seder}

I don't keep the feasts (although I have thought about it some...I tend to fall more on the Christian liberty side of things, but I do like the symbolism of the feasts), but I did grow up with a Passover Potluck (not remotely close to a seder, but Passover is a legit holiday to me.)

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Creative Seder Plates for Your Passover Meal

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Matzo S'Mores

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Parents: Parenting News & Advice for Moms and Dads

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