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Get Organized: Clean Up Your Passwords

If you haven't changed your most important passwords in a long time, take 15 minutes today to do it. Here's how to approach the task sanely, and get it done right.


Dropbox - Password strength is indicated by colored bars underneath the input field. /via rammionline


Password-Strength is a jQuery based password strength checker and indicator that helps users meet your minimum password requirements.


Passtrength.js is a responsive #jQuery password strength checker plugin that measures the strength of the password and displays a progress-style visual indicator at the bottom of the password input.


You’ve got mail.

This is interesting. As the usual, normal after school routine, I brush my hair, wash my hands, and lug my backpack to my desk to begin my homework. I open my laptop and notice that I have seventy six emails. That can't be right. I click on the mail icon, not knowing what to expect. Each email is from the same person, with the same subject. Not a subject, a code word, a password i mad when I was seven, that I told no one about. Not even my diary. So, how did this person know it?


PassStrength is a jQuery password strength validation plugin to keep your passwords strong and a visual representation of password strength.