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Dropbox - Password strength is indicated by colored bars underneath the input field. /via rammionline


Passtrength.js is a responsive #jQuery password strength checker plugin that measures the strength of the password and displays a progress-style visual indicator at the bottom of the password input.


Password-Strength is a jQuery based password strength checker and indicator that helps users meet your minimum password requirements.


passwordStrength.js is a #jQuery plugin to shows a progress bar below the password filed that auto fills and changes background color depending on the password strength.


Why you can’t trust password strength meters – Naked Security

from PCMAG

Get Organized: Clean Up Your Passwords

If you haven't changed your most important passwords in a long time, take 15 minutes today to do it. Here's how to approach the task sanely, and get it done right.

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Input for Password strength Progress

Input for Password strength Progress by John Khester