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like I always say... can't change the past you can only work on the present and hope for the future

from Lifehack

Never Let The Sadness Of Your Past And The Fear Of Your Future Ruin The Happiness Of Your Present

I will be successful in my career, in my field if choice, I may not be there now but I sure as hell am headed there now


For those who are still in the background and continue to try to make your presence known....I'm not going anywhere. You are his PAST, I am his PRESENT, FUTURE, & FOREVER. You make yourself look sad, miserable, and desperate. Poor little victim.

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Nelson Mandela: His 10 Best and Most Inspirational Quotes

I live in the present. I don't live in past not because I hate it but because I cherished it when I was there and I don't live on future not because I'm scared of it but because I'll experience future anyways.--- Thasyy With optimal health often comes clarity of thought. Click now to visit my blog for your free fitness solutions!