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Heiko Ulbricht Image taken: May. 4, 2012 Location: Freital, Saxony, Germany Details: For tomorrow evening is the weather report very bad for Saxony. So I have ever directed my camera at the moon this evening.

Love weather reports and powder? An internship at Open Snow might be for you...

U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) where less than fifty ( 50 ) people are designated to analyze the pulsebeat of doom and gloom calculated within a new strategic center for what global government national infrastructures expect, based on current Solar Maximum ( Cycle 24 ) sending a significant Solar Energetic Particle Event ( SEPE ) NASA says, "We all need to be concerned about." Report:

Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME ) solar flares from SECCHI displaying what's coming to Earth, plus National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) time and date solar flare Earth impact chart on Space Weather Alerts and Warnings Timeline ( SWAWT ). Report:

CRAY XT5 Jaguar and XK6m supercomputers analyze Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ), a shadowy job delegated only to the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) responsible for alerting U.S. decisionmakers and U.S. military commands when a 'seriously significant solar flare' is coming. Experts warn, 'without utilities for 1-week', for 2-yrs. to 10-yrs. we'll be thrown back into the Dark Ages. Report:


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Lake Tahoe's Alive features real-time information about local events, restaurants, shopping, nightlife and other activities around Lake Tahoe. The free mobile app also features GPS mapping, weather reports and fun local user-submitted photos and videos.

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