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ACNE is a skin condition that causes pimples or "zits." This includes whiteheads, blackheads, and red, inflammed patches of skin. ACNE( pimples vulgaris , common zits ) is also a disorder of the hair roots of the facial , your chest , and back that affects virtually all males and females in times of puberty.

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1U Patch Management Panel Rack

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What’s the size of Texas, made of plastic, and floating in the Pacific Ocean?

What’s the size of Texas, made of plastic, and floating in the Pacific Ocean? If you guessed the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” you’re right. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is also known as the largest landfill in the world, and unfortunately it is not found in a thoroughly planned, designed and controlled waste management facility — it’s found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Problems With Riots Patch Management #games #LeagueOfLegends #esports #lol #riot #Worlds #gaming

I'm that friend that has always managed to make time to help others, even when I needed help and no one helped me. I guess I'd rather be the giver than the taker.


a behavior chart thats cute to use. I like the bottom where is states what the behavior was and says " I did or I was, I did not" Helps students learn they are responsible for their own behavior and choices. Also they know why they were in trouble and had consequences.


I do this in my gradebook - I get out some markers and color in whatever colors my students ended the day on. I use this to determine their citizenship "grades" for each report card. This one is CUTER, though!


88% of Android devices vulnerable due to slow patch management #android #security