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Patent is the intellectual property of every organization and therefore, it should be protected in a legal way to save the goodwill & reputation of the organization. Global Jurix, a leading law firm based out of Delhi and has many business centers across the country has been offering wide range of services relating patent search. Patent registration is a process & the whole process starts from patent application by the future owner of the proposed patent…

3 - US Trademark office - how to apply for a national trademark - may need an attorney's assistance

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Oliver Gal Artist Co. Turns Patent Application Blueprints For Everyday Objects Into Framable Wall Art

Florida-based art collective Oliver Gal Artist Co. has mined more than 100 years of patent application blueprints to create a series of hangable wall prints. The list includes household objects lik…

1 | INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS NASA | 21AUG13 130PM Subvocal Speech Patent and NEUROEngineering Lab Publications Intelligent Systems Division researcher Chuck Jorgensen was recently granted US patent number 7574357 for Subvocal speech technology on 08/11/09. The patent, “Applications of sub-audible speech recognition based upon electromyographic signals,” is very broad and includes applications such as a silent cell phone... see:…

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Vintage Patent Application Posters


Patent application drawing for the Saarinen womb chair. This Etsy artist sells patent application prints for many classic mid-century designs. Buying out her entire store in 3, 2...