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Hypocrite Paul Ryan: Family Time For Me, But Not For You

from Esquire

The Ryan Family's History of Fakery

RYAN: Flunking His Own Test: Let’s just look at the Ryan budget. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities carefully studied Ryan’s 2011 numbers and concluded: “House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget plan would get nearly 2/3 of its 4.5 trillion in budget cuts over 10 years from programs that serve people of limited means, which violates basic principles of fairness and stands a core principle of President Obama’s fiscal commission on its head.”…

from The Huffington Post

YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT: Clint Eastwood Has Benefited From Generous Film Tax Credits

Paul Ryan's family listening to their dad's speec at the Republican Convention.


G.O.P. Ticket Focuses on Crucial Ohio Votes

Paul Ryan & family fake working in soup kitchen in Ohio. Dishes appear not to need washing and no one is there to be served . Breakfast had ended


Asshole Paul Ryan : Thinking of you and praying for your dead family member...but his vote belongs to the N.R.A.

from Salon

Sad, sexless, lonely: This is the real Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand vision for your life

Sad, sexless, lonely- the Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand vision for your life.


The Ryan family history goes back five generations to Ireland's Great Hunger.


Paul Ryan Takes A Stand Against These Women's Issues

Paul Ryan is already speaking out against important women's issues


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