The Lost Generation in 1920s Paris: Pauline Pfeiffer, editor for Vogue magazine, eventually married Ernest Hemingway. "Sarah & Gerald," a novel of Paris in the 1920s, by Christopher Geoffrey McPherson.

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It was the glittering intellectual world of 1920s Paris expatriates in which Pauline Pfeiffer, a writer for Vogue, met Ernest Hemingway and his wife Hadley among a circle of friends that included Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Dorothy Parker. Pauline grew close to Hadley but eventually forged a stronger bond with Hemingway himself; with her stylish looks and dedication to Hemingway's writing, Pauline became the source of unbelievable happiness for Hemingway and his second wife.

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Ernest Hemingway with Patrick and Gregory, his second and third sons with Pauline Pfeiffer

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A house/museum about 35 miles from me where Ernest Hemingway wrote a portion of "A Farewell to Arms". I've done this tour 3 times and have enjoyed it each time.

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Ernest Hemingway with Pauline Pfeiffer, a Paris Vogue writer who became his wife in 1927

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Ernest and Hadley Hemingway | "Elizabeth Hadley Richardson (9 Nov 1891 – 22 Jan 1979) was 1st wife of Ernest Hemingway, 8 years older than he, married in 1921 and moved to Paris. In Paris, Hemingway pursued a writing career, and through him Hadley met other expatriate British and American writers. In 1925, Hadley learned of Hemingway's affair with Pauline Pfeiffer; she divorced him in 1927. In 1933 Hadley married a second time, to journalist Paul Mowrer."

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