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from Lifehack

People show their true colors, unintentionally. Pay attention.

"People show their true colors in the most innocent of moments, so if you want to know, you must watch," silver said. I grinned back. "Yours just happen to be a rainbow, correct" I never saw someone's face drain so fast. "No one is suppose to know that!"

You will never have to question someone's interest if you pay attention to their effort. Effort speaks for it's self just as no effort speaks for it's self. When a person is interested in you they will let it be known. There will either be action or excuses. We are all busy in life but we all make time for what we personally feel is worth the effort and we all make excuses for the things that we don't feel is worth it. ( at least I can be honest and say that I'm guilty) So you can stop…

Indeed. Wasn't Michigan already recounting? Then they made them recount, again? When does it stop? Stein even admits she doesn't expect she lost votes. Why do a recount, then?