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A Letter to the Newly Diagnosed

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PCOS Infographs — PCOS Awareness Association

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem When Struggling with PCOS

Discover my top 3 strategies for overcoming low self-esteem when dealing with PCOS. Click the image above!

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It's been getting personal up in here! Today I'm sharing my top 5 holistic approaches to healing hormones and in the coming days, I will be telling you about my crazy diet that has me feeling amazi...

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Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Getting pregnant when you have PCOS- our journey ...if you or someone you know suffer from this, talk to me!! We have so many people who are getting pregnant while using Plexus Slim who have suffered with this !! It's worth a try using something can take while pregnant if your doctor approves too!!

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How to explain PCOS to your partner. So many emotions can be tied to getting or having the diagnosis PCOS. It can make it really hard to talk about. Here is my tips on how to explain PCOS to the person or people you love, in an honest and simple way - based in the conversations I have had with my partner and with my family.

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I had to have an ultra sound looked at by a nurse practitioner who believed I did no have it, then by an ER doctor and he said absolutely and there was no doubt. Coupled with my obesity, irregular and anovular cycles, that I did in fact have it.

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20 Painfully Honest Confessions From Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Someone from Santa Ana posted a whisper, which reads "I hate being the fat friend. I have PCOS and a hormonal imbalance so when I try to lose weight, I can't lose much. The most I've ever lost is 15 lbs. I hate myself so much."

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